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You're an SAP expert. At Eswelt, we excel at making the best job matches within ERP & CRM. Don't waste time searching for the best vacancy; it’s in our network. Let us know where your expertise in SAP can add the most value and in which industry you would like to work. Then we’ll know where the interesting challenges are for you. Leave it to us.

What is SAP

SAP is a widely used ERP software system that streamlines business processes. SAP experts analyse needs, configure systems, and train users for optimal implementation and use. This results in more efficient processes and higher effectiveness. Such as improved productivity, better customer service, and achieving financial goals. SAP's popularity stems from its versatility and seamless integration with business functions. 

Eswelt's Approach

By listening closely to you and focusing on one ERP or CRM specialisation, one type of employment, and one region, our consultants know exactly which project, client, or job in our network is the right fit for you. You'll receive guidance and support during and after your application process, and become part of a close-knit knowledge community. Tell us about your ambitions and preferences, and together we'll shape your future. 


Looking for a project that matches your SAP expertise? Our partners are waiting for you! Especially in view of the transition to SAP S/4HANA. Whether your strength lies in the finance, production, HR, or technical side of SAP, there is a wide range of sectors that need you. From Energy to Retail and from FMCG to Hightech. As our network collaborations are at a strategic level, we are able to quickly identify the best opportunities for your skills and growth. Let’s find your new challenge! 

In-demand SAP Profiles

SAP Finance Consultant – SAP Finance Solution Architect

Are you an SAP Finance expert? Then you automate and optimise financial processes, such as accounting, controlling, and reporting. As an SAP Finance consultant or Solution Architect, you have in-depth knowledge of financial regulations, strong analytical skills, and expertise in SAP FI/CO modules. 

SAP Supply Chain Management (SCM) – Consultants and Solution Architects

Consultant or Solution Architect in the field of SAP Supply Chain Management? Then you optimise logistic processes, from procurement to distribution. For this, you have thorough knowledge of supply chain management, you know everything about the SAP SCM modules, and you excel in tackling and solving problems. 

SAP Manufacturing & Production – Consultants and Solution Architects

As an SAP Manufacturing & Production expert, you digitise and streamline production processes with SAP's PP and MES solutions. Your goal: to improve production efficiency, cost reduction, and quality management. It is important that you have knowledge of production processes and are proficient in SAP Manufacturing software. You also possess strong analytical skills for making data-driven decisions. Curious where you can work as a consultant or solution architect? 

SAP Project Manager

Get started as an SAP Project Manager leading and managing SAP projects. This involves planning, budgeting, and team coordination. Is that totally your thing? Then you undoubtedly have strong leadership qualities, excellent organisational skills, and of course, in-depth knowledge of SAP systems. 

SAP Enterprise Asset Management – Consultants and Solution Architects

As an SAP Enterprise Asset Management expert, you manage assets through SAP's EAM module. As an SAP EAM consultant or solution architect, your focus is on optimising maintenance planning, asset lifecycle management, and accurately controlling costs. You combine your insight into asset management with strong analytical skills and in-depth knowledge of SAP EAM.  

SAP Technical Developer – SAP Technical Solution Architect

SAP Technical Developers and Solution Architects develop and fine-tune the technical infrastructure of SAP systems. As a developer or architect, you have in-depth knowledge of SAP architecture, which you combine with good programming skills in ABAP Fiori and/or Business Technology platform. Furthermore, you deal with complex system integrations and creatively and effectively solve technical challenges. 

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From freelance to permanent: choose what suits you best

Find that elusive ideal SAP project that matches your ambition, preferences, and skills via Eswelt. And quickly! From innovative startups to well-known multinationals, we have them in our network. We'll introduce you and can mediate any type of employment for you: from freelance to permanent and everything in between. 


Work as a freelance SAP specialist for various clients on a project basis. 

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Find a permanent job within your SAP expertise that matches your ambitions, preferences, and skills. 

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Join Eswelt as an SAP specialist and be seconded to our clients.  

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