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Are you looking for new opportunities as a freelance ERP or CRM specialist? Discover our step-by-step plan for success! Share your requirements, receive personalised offers and let us support you in job applications. Start with confidence and count on us for guidance. 

Step 1

Contact us

Tell us your needs and ambitions

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Receive a suitable job offer

Dive into the details of the assignment

Step 3

Confirm your interest

We will highlight your qualities to the client(s)

Step 4

Receive an invitation for your interview(s)

Get appointment details, further information and preparation tips from us

Step 5

Rock your interview(s)

Get assistance from our consultant before, during and after your interview(s)

Step 6

Both parties excited? Receive your contract!

Dive into the terms and conditions and sign the agreement

Step 7

Start your assignment

Begin your new challenge with confidence and be well-prepared

Step 8

Count on our ongoing support

We will stay in touch to see how we can further assist you

Why freelance through Eswelt?

Eswelt is the key to your freelancing success. Our specialised consultants understand your ERP or CRM expertise and are familiar with the local freelance opportunities. This allows you to benefit from:

  • Access to exclusive clients, only available through our strong ERP and CRM network
  • An assignment that perfectly matches your needs and qualities 
  • Full support: quick placement without waiting times, punctual payments and personal support
  • Efficient communication and clear expectations; you have direct contact with the client
  • Fully automated payment processes as you enter your hours monthly in our 'self-billing platform', after which the invoicing process runs automatically.

Eswelt, your career partner in ERP and CRM

Eswelt, your career partner in ERP and CRM

Eswelt not only offers you direct access to suitable assignments, but also supports your transition to the freelance life. We guide you and give you access to a dynamic community with inspiring meetups and webinars. Here, you share and gain the latest insights in the field of ERP and CRM. Moreover, we closely monitor market trends, opportunities and rate developments and share this valuable information with you. This way, you are always up to date. Choose Eswelt and make freelancing your journey to success!


Take advantage of our strong network. Open doors that would otherwise remain closed. Some of our partners.

The experience of

ERP specialist Simon

"Eswelt ensured a smooth and stress-free application process."

The experience of

IT Application Manager Aldo

‘The fact that my recruitment consultant at Eswelt knows exactly what kind of team members I am looking for saves me time and effort time and again.’

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Read about Eswelt events here, as well as the latest trends in ERP and CRM.

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A selection of our freelance vacancies
A selection of our freelance vacancies

What are the current open ERP and CRM vacancies and assignments through Eswelt? Check out the job overview.

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