Simon van Gijssel – Consultant Demand Applications Royal A-Ware

Simon van Gijssel has just started in his new role as Consultant Demand Applications at the food producer Royal A-Ware. The 33-year-old father of two young children was ready for a new challenge. Thanks to Eswelt he began his new role in Houten with a lot of enthusiasm on October 1st.  

Delivering added value at the intersection of business and IT

Simon, as a Consultant Demand Applications, plays an internal role within the dynamic environment of Royal A-Ware. Coming from his previous position as Warehouse Management Consultant, he is pleased with his new focus. In his brand-new role, his responsibilities lie at the crossroads of business and IT; as an internal consultant, he advises on the software and functionally configures it for various post-production processes

A-Ware utilises a cloud-based ERP system, M3, for production and distribution at various locations. Simon and his colleagues create a blueprint when the system needs to be set up in a new location. This blueprint outlines all processes occurring at that location. Subsequently, he assesses how they can be translated into the current system configuration. This broad range of tasks suits Simon perfectly: I am responsible for the translation. Additionally, I work on the functional configuration of processes in M3. I am also part of the selection committee for a new warehouse management system. I train end users and contribute to the configuration of scanning software. 

The right position at the right time

When asked how he ended up in this role, Simon enthusiastically shares his story: "Six months ago, I was not feeling as comfortable in my (previous) position. I normally never respond to LinkedIn invitations, but I made an exception this time." Simon had a brief conversation with Jesse, the recruiter at Eswelt who approached him. Although the position sounded interesting, the location turned out to be too far away for Simon. With a young family, a commute of a few hours a day is simply not realistic. In consultation with Jesse, he left his CV and went back to work with renewed energy. After a few months, he was called again, this time by one of Jesse's colleagues, Dave. The company in question had meanwhile moved to Houten, and when Dave extensively explained the content of the role, Simon became enthusiastic 

The experience of

Simon van Gijssel

"A position at the intersection of work place and IT was exactly what I was looking for!"

Stress-free application process

After an initial interview, Simon was recommended for the position. During this interview his knowledge, skills, experience and preferences for a potential new job were discussed. "The process with Eswelt was truly fantastic. Dave knew the company very well. He could precisely tell me who I would be talking to, thoroughly prepared the job interviews extensively with me and thus relieved all the tension for me." This made Simon enter the application process with great confidence. Even salary and employment conditions negotiations were handled by Eswelt. The ultimate result turned out to be even better than what Simon had indicated, so he is exceptionally satisfied.  

Right at home

Simon feels completely at home at Royal A-Ware after just two months. He gets to know his many colleagues and familiarises with the structure of the large company: "A-Ware is a complex company. They expect the onboarding period to take nine months to a year. There is a lot to learn, with various applications at different locations and different processes." Looking to the future, he sees plenty of opportunities to grow, but for now he is absolutely content.

When asked if he has anything else to share about Eswelt's process, he responds enthusiastically: "I want to give compliments to Eswelt and Dave, especially for the entire support process. After being hired at A-Ware, I received a bottle of wine delivered to my home. A month later, Dave called me again to ask how things were going, if my expectations were met, and if I had any tips for improvement. Well, I could be very brief about that: I had none!".