All about Eswelt

At Eswelt, you will lay the foundations for the future of IT with us. As a staffing expert, we connect you as an ERP or CRM specialist with clients, for both freelance and permanent positions. With our in-depth knowledge of ERP and CRM and our personal approach, we have strengthened thousands of careers and organisations since 2013. We create impact by making perfect matches. 







Creating the future

Our mission
We are tech-fans. We believe in the power of technology. Something that stems from people's curiosity and ingenuity. By connecting smart IT professionals with forward-thinking companies, we not only want to boost careers, but also contribute to technological progress. Together, we set the future of IT in motion, with each connected talent contributing a piece to groundbreaking developments and groundbreaking innovations. 

Eswelt is part of Vibe Group

Eswelt is part of Vibe Group

Eswelt is part of Vibe Group; an international IT staffing specialist. Vibe Group pairs highly skilled IT professionals with organisations, and consists of 4 IT brands:

  • Visser & Van Baars: Intelligence, Data and Analytics
  • Spilberg: IT Development and Testing
  • Eswelt: ERP and CRM
  • Tergos: IT Infrastructure and Cyber Security

Triple focus

To perfectly match you as a ERP or CRM professional with organisations in your region that match your preferences, we use a triple focus.

One expertise

Our sales consultants focus only on one expertise within ERP and CRM. So as a professional, you can rely on their specialist knowledge of your field.

One type of employment

Our sales consultants focus on one type of employment; a permanent job or a temporary assignment. Because of this focus, they know exactly which professional is available or at which organisation a role becomes available.

One region

Our sales consultants work exclusively within a specific region or locality. They know all professionals and organisations within their region and area of expertise. As a result, they quickly find the right match.