Speed, efficiency and great results: a true win-win situation

25 years ago Aldo started as an intern at Mitsubishi, then Mitsubishi Caterpillar Forklift Europe. At that moment he never imagined that a quarter of a century later, he would be able to combine his technical expertise with his understanding of the business processes of the company, now called Mitsubishi Logisnext. 

Together with his team of functional experts and developers, Aldo focuses entirely on the development and management of the Salesforce system and related processes. Eswelt supports the IT Application Manager by quickly providing the right additional professionals to his team in the areas of ERP, CRM, and Salesforce when needed. 

The experience of

IT Application Manager Aldo

‘The dynamic vibe and swift action are really the common thread in the collaboration with Eswelt.’

Global logistics solutions

Mitsubishi Logisnext is a leading global provider of innovative logistics and material handling solutions. The company delivers its efficient and safe logistics solutions to customers worldwide. Aiming to optimise their clients’ internal processes and improve their productivity and profitability. In addition to providing equipment, Mitsubishi Logisnext also offers comprehensive services such as maintenance, repair, and training for their clients. 

Experience with various sides of the business

Aldo Dohle has been with Mitsubishi Logisnext for 25 years and has experienced various aspects of the business during that time. And that experience serves him well today. He began his career as a service desk intern, but discovered his passion for programming and progressed to become a senior programmer and supervisor. Through various management positions, he is now the Salesforce Application Manager within MLE HQ and responsible for the Salesforce implementation and support team. This team is responsible for a wide range of tasks related to Salesforce, such as system support, application development to support business processes, and project management within MLE HQ. 

With the growth of the business and its operations, there is regularly a need for additional manpower in Mitsubishi Logisnext's IT team. "We have a solid foundation with our permanent staff, and with temporary staff, we can scale up on the technical side as needed." To recruit this additional support for his team in the areas of ERP, CRM, and Salesforce, Aldo enjoys working with the recruitment consultants at Eswelt.

Close collaboration between analyst and Salesforce developer is crucial for results

The focus of the eight-person team is on ensuring efficient workflows, promoting collaboration between different departments, and supporting the company's growing internal needs in the areas of ERP, technology, and automation. The permanent business analysts in the team know the business inside out and form the core of the team. With their in-depth knowledge, they work closely with the more technically oriented developers, who are often temporarily hired or employed by the company for specific projects. 

Extensive customisation

Aldo enthusiastically explains, "There is a lot of customisation in the Salesforce environment we support. So bridges really need to be built between the business and the technology. We have many different types of tasks, so we prioritise together with the business and find the right professionals for them. For Salesforce developers, the extensive customisation offers many challenges. There is a lot to learn here." 

Carefully considered team composition

He has given careful thought the composition of the team: "One of the two technicians we have is appointed as the Salesforce Techlead. I think it's important to have technical expertise in the team. Having been a programmer myself for the previous system, I know that it's essential to implement certain standards." The atmosphere in the team is very positive. There is a daily stand-up where ongoing work is discussed, but there is always room for fun, in the remote chat or in the office on the days when everyone is there. The temporary staff always quickly become part of the team. 

The right people in the right place

The right people in the right place

That everyone should fit well into the team may sound obvious, but Aldo also finds it very important for the quality of the output. "Previously, we worked with a managed service. When we needed technicians, we could engage them remotely for projects. However, for us, it is important that people are also actually physically part of the team; on-site, you understand the business much better." 
His regular contact at Eswelt knows Mitsubishi Logisnext well by now and therefore knows what kind of people Aldo is looking for. This saves him a lot of time; he doesn't have to explain the requirements in detail every time, and his contact can quickly find reinforcements for the team. 

Eswelt swift action is the common thread

Aldo is not only very content with the team members brought in by Eswelt but also with the collaboration. What particularly appeals to him is the speed with which Eswelt's team of consultants gets to work when he indicates that he is looking for reinforcements. "When I tell Eswelt that I need certain people, I often have a number of candidates on my desk the next day." 
The way that the consultants help to think along and the fact that they are always easy to reach also work particularly well for Aldo. "We have a good relationship, and we speak regularly. So they know us well and know exactly what we need. The dynamic vibe and especially their swift action are really the common thread in our collaboration; I never really have to worry about that. And that is a huge advantage, as well as simply a very comforting idea."