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Ready for a new career step in ERP or CRM? Quickly find your ideal job, matching your preferences, qualities and growth ambitions. Our experts will guide you and ensure a perfect match. Benefit from personal attention, professional guidance and reliable career support. 

Find your ideal job

With our search and selection process everything revolves around your success in ERP and CRM. Discover how we guide you in 8 steps, from first contact to your ideal job with a top employer. We are always here for you.

Step 1

Contact us

Tell us your wishes and ambitions

Step 2

Receive a suitable job offer

Delve into the details of the job

Step 3

Confirm your interest

We highlight your qualities to the client

Step 4

Receive an invitation for your interview(s)

Receive from us the appointment details, further information and preparation tips

Step 5

Rock your interview(s)

Let our consultant assist you before, during and after your interview(s)

Step 6

Both parties excited? Receive your contract!

Dive into the conditions and sign the agreement

Step 7

Start at your new employer

Start your new challenge confidently and well-prepared

Step 8

Count on our ongoing support

We stay in touch to see how we can further assist you

Eswelt's search and selection: the benefits

At Eswelt you always collaborate with specialised consultants. They understand your ERP or CRM expertise thoroughly. Moreover, they are fully informed of the job offerings in your region. This ensures that you benefit from:

  • Access to exclusive employers, only found in our strong network
  • A job that perfectly matches your salary expectations, location preference, skills and learning and development goals
  • Personal attention and professional guidance throughout your career
  • Time savings: securing a new job in no time

Eswelt, your career partner

Eswelt, your career partner

Turn your career in ERP or CRM into a smart investment. At Eswelt, it's not only about finding the perfect job, but also about building long-lasting and sustainable relationships. Our commitment extends beyond mere finding your new job. Our team is always ready to support, guide and advise you throughout your career. You'll also become part of a dynamic community with inspiring meetups and webinars. Choose Eswelt as your reliable partner in professional growth and lasting success. Together, we ensure that your investment in your ERP or CRM career pays off. Now and in the future.


Benefit from our strong network. Open doors that would otherwise remain closed. Some of our partners.

The experience of

ERP specialist Simon

"Eswelt ensured a smooth and stress-free application process."

The experience of

IT Application Manager Aldo

‘The fact that my recruitment consultant at Eswelt knows exactly what kind of team members I am looking for saves me time and effort time and again.’

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Read about Eswelt events here, as well as the latest trends in ERP and CRM.

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A SELECTION OF OUR search & selection VACANcies
A SELECTION OF OUR search & selection VACANcies

What are the current open ERP and CRM vacancies and assignments through Eswelt? Check out the job overview.

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